How to Cool Off Your House Without Air Conditioning

Cool House with Open Concept and Beautiful ViewSummer is pretty gnarly. You might want to spend your days lounging on the beach and relaxing with your beloved ones there. Yet, this hot weather might interfere with your days as well, say, you cannot sleep comfortably at night in that hot weather.

Well, air conditioner is always the obvious solution to hot weather. By installing it in your house, you can still feel the cool air in summer. You just need to pay more bill and here you go, a cool cozy room. But, did you know that the Freon from air conditioner is one of the causes of global warming?

There are actually some ways to cool off your house without having to use an air conditioner. Check the following tips:

1. Grass roof 
The grass roof can be made ​​by coating the concrete roof with grass. The grass will absorb the sun’s heat so that the temperature of the rooms underneath will automatically be reduced. The things you need to consider in making this grass roof are three layers on the concrete roof, namely soil, drainage, and waterproofing coating.

2. Double windows
This kind of window has been rarely found these days. What is meant by double window is a window that consists of two layers, the first is the glass (inwards) and the second is the jalousie window (outwards). With the double windows, you can open the jalousie window during the day so that the sunlight still can enter the house through the glass. Meanwhile, during the night you can open the glass window with the jalousie window closed, thus the rooms in the house will still get air flow, but it also remains safe as it is closed. You just need to remember to put each layer properly since each hast its own function.

3. The right home interior layout
You can sort what activities are done in the morning / afternoon / evening. Place the rooms used for the activities in the morning / afternoon on the west side, while the room for the activities in the afternoon / evening can be put on the east side. Place the openings on the north and south so the sun will not enter the rooms of the house directly.

4. Garden 
Besides greening the house, a garden can also help circulating the air around the house. By having a garden around your house, the temperature inside your house will get reduced, making it cooler.

Those are some tips on cooling a house without air conditioning. By considering the tips above, you can always enjoy your summer wisely. Good luck.

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