How to Cool Your House Naturally

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One of my friend once asked me a question, “My bedroom is on the second floor and it feels very hot there, especially when it is sunny. I use zinc roof. How to make my room cooler naturally?”

I have a brief explanation to that question. Well, second floor is always warmer than the first floor. It is because the second floor receives more sunlight and does not get a good cool air supply due to its location which is far from the ground. In addition, the zinc roof makes it hotter since it is a good heat conductor. The lack of openings is another cause of a hot room.

Let’s take a look at the following chart taken from

House Air Circulation ChartThe heat radiation attaches on the roof and it makes the room hot. To deal with this, there should be a good air flow in the roof which is thrown away on the roof top.

Ceiling and windows are an important thing for a house because they can help smooth the air circulation. Ceiling will obstruct heat from the roof to enter the room so that the heat is accumulated in the ceiling space. Thus, when we visit the ceiling space, we feel cramped and stuffy.

Some people make sloping ceiling following the roof with a purpose to make the room feel spacious. The purpose is indeed achieved. However, they cannot avoid the heat because the occupants directly inhale the hot air coming from the roof and the room feels hot.

The picture above shows the air exhaust in the ceiling. The hot air tends to moves up and absorbed into the ceiling. Finally it is accumulated above and does not interfere with the occupants’ comfort.

The last one is related to openings. You should provide adequate openings, e.g. windows. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that zinc roof is a good heat conductor. So, the existing openings will get rid of the heat from the room. It will be thrown away through the openings so that there will be a goor air circulation within your house. 

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