How to Create a Comfortable and Functional Home

Comfortable House InteriorA home is a palace – a place which provides a pleasant atmosphere for the occupants, not the tiresome one. Designing and decorating your home in the right way will give you a comfortable feeling. Thus, to make your home your dream palace, you need to consider the design of your home very thoroughly. How comfortable your home has nothing to do with how big it is. Yet, it is more about the right design, selection of colors, and functions. The following are some important things you need to consider to get a comfortable and functional home.

Adequate Ceiling Height
If your home uses natural lighting and air circulation system, making the ceilings higher is the most effective way to make the room has adequate fresh air. Yet, if your house use artificial energy either the lighting or air circulation system, this method is not recommended. It is because the big volume of the room and the long distance between the floor and the ceiling may cause a big waste of energy.

Enough Ventilation and Windows
The installation of ventilation and windows at various points is very effective to provide adequate fresh air to a room. The ventilation can be installed at the gables or if you think that it is not possible to install any ventilation in the room, you can make an air circulation duct at the plafond. Meanwhile, to get a lot of sunlight inside the house, a lot of windows are absolutely needed. Enough sunlight entering the room will create a cool atmosphere which must be very comfortable.

One of the very important spaces for a comfortable home is a terrace because it can muffle the direct sunlight and wind. Terraces and porches in the entrance of the home will reduce the sunlight radiation which enters the home. Thus, again, you will create a cool atmosphere inside the home.

Application of Colors
With the right color application between light colors and dark colors according to the function of the room you can get your own comfortable zone. Also, you need to emphasize some colors and at a certain height. For example, the color on the bathroom walls will be made ​​darker than the floor up to a height of 145cm, the rest is given a lighter color up to the height of the ceiling.

The Use of Natural Stones as Ornaments
Natural building materials such as temple stones and bricks are able to absorb heat effectively and keeping cool temperature longer. It can be seen from traditional buildings, which are generally made high and constructed from natural materials, that feel very comfortable to stay in. Besides, these materials will create the impression of a natural atmosphere. It is an important requirement in building a home if you want a comfortable and cool home especially when sufficient land and cost are available. However, if you do not have sufficient land and cost, it is necessary to start thinking about any modification. This modification can be about the architecture plan or about artificial lighting and air circulation which become the guidelines of experienced architect.

Well, those are some important consideration to make a comfortable and functional home. Remember, your home is your palace. Make it the most comfortable space ever.

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