How to Create a Comfortable and Healthy Home Office

Modern Minimalist Home Office DesignDue to the existence of internet, nowadays there are a lot of people preferring working at home. It is indeed more comfortable to work on our home than at real offices. If we are trying to create a comfortable office environment in our house, what we need to consider then? Well, here are several tips to create a healthy and comfortable home office.

  • Good seat. Since we would spend hours on the seat, we should choose ergonomically designed seat. A good chair can be so expensive, yet it will never be a waste since it will make us more productive. Moreover, it supports our back properly.
  • Healthy lighting. Make sure we have two types of light source; natural lights and artificial lights. Perfect lighting will not hurt our eyes so that it will help us work in a longer time.
  • Air circulation. A hot and stuffy room will make us feel tired and bored more quickly. It will eventually interfere with our health. Therefore, add as many openings as possible to create a smooth air circulation. We can make windows or install an air conditioner.
  • Wall display. Starring at the computer screens continuously for a long time will make our eyes tired and even can hurt them. Some experts believe that when working we should often look at another thing which is green or which can inspire and motivate us to work enthusiastically. Arts and wall decorations are a good way to beautify the look of a home office. We can also hang a good painting or some brightly colored picture to keep our motivation high.
  • Some plants. To make the home office environment stay green, place some plants which also make the space look more natural. Plants help smooth the air circulation inside the home office.
  • Sound dampening doors. We need to prevent any noisy sound when we are working. If it is possible, install a wall partition and door which can dampen the noise. We definitely don’t want to hear the television and children yelling out when we are working. It would be much better to create calming and relaxing sound which helps us concentrate.
  • Clean and tidy it up. Although we have a small home office, we should always keep it clean and organized so that we can use the room efficiently. Install a built-in shelf on the wall to store paper or other office supplies. Clean the desktop from anything which are not necessary.
  • Computer placement. Place the computer perpendicular to all light resources. It will spread and soften the light, minimizing the glare from the screen. Clean the computer screen as often as possible to get rid of any dust. Hide the wires so that everything looks neat.

The more confident and relaxed we are when working, the more quickly success will come to us. By applying the simple tips above we can arrange a nice and comfortable home office that will increase our productivity and also keep us healthy.

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