How to Create a Contemporary House in the Modern Era

Contemporary Home Interior DesignContemporary architectural style is a style of architecture that developed between the years 1940 and 1980. Contemporary itself has the same meaning as modern, just that it is often distinguished in its design. The style presented in contemporary architecture is newer, or it can also be an old style which is labeled as contemporary, e.g. classic contemporary. Therefore, having a house with contemporary architecture in the modern era is acceptable. Your home will surely look attractive and elegant.

The architecture of contemporary home design shows a more advanced, flexible, varied, and innovative shape and appearance. It focuses on functions through simple geometric shapes with natural colors. The use of natural materials on the interior or exterior home design is quite dominant, e.g. the use of marble or wood.

Contemporary home interior
A light impression is often highlighted in a contemporary home. You can present the light impression on the floor, walls, or furniture in the house. For instance, you can use floor tiles, wood flooring, stone flooring or carpet with soft colors.

Meanwhile, for the inner walls of the house, you can choose a neutral color such as white, gray, or beige. You can also add a unique look on the wall using unfinish touch such as cement plaster or exposed bricks. Choose simple curtains or blinds to cover the windows. Make sure that the furniture is practical and functional by exploring a lot in the use of wood, chrome, glass, leather, or metal.

You can try choosing glass and white color domination to provide a bright atmosphere to your contemporary home interior. The use of transparent glass as windows and walls will allow a lot of sunlight to enter your home.

If you have chosen a neutral color for your walls and floor, then choose a bright splash of color to your home accessories. Accessories and large paintings with the bright colors will give the room a striking beauty.

Contemporary home exterior 
Contemporary home exterior design is also an important thing that needs your attention. This is because the design of the exterior is the main attraction which can be directly seen by colleagues, friends, or family who come to visit.

The exterior design of a contemporary home is characterized by the use of light materials such as wood, glass, and steel with a simple shape. The roof is quite unique with a straight and flat shape. The use of natural materials will give a new refreshing feel to your home.

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