How to Create a Cozy and Attractive Play Area for Kids

Large Multipurpose Kids Playroom DesignIf you have a pretty large child’s bedroom, it would be great to make a play area for children there. The existence of a play area in a child’s bedroom can make children feel more free and increase their creativity. A quite extensive and well organized playroom for kids makes all the play activities can be done in the bedroom.

Ideally, the child’s play area is not too far from the parent activity. Thus, it is easy to monitor the children when they are playing. Hearing how the children play actually gives many advantages. At the very least, parents will understand the child’s level of speaking skills better. In addition, the existence of a window or door that accesses the outside space would be better to ensure fresh air and sunlight enters the room.

What if the child likes to play music? The music corner should be separated from the playroom. You can take another corner in the house as long as both parents and children can still easily see or hear each other.

Room organization
Kids’ playroom is like a real home where children can be very creative and imaginative. For that, you can guide the children to divide the area into several sub sections so that the activities can be done well.

The kids’ playroom design can be divided into dry and wet corner. The wet corner can be used for playing with paint, clay, water bubbles, and the like, the likely causing stains and droplets of water. The dry corner can be used for other activities, such as playing puzzles, dolls, picture books, arranging blocks, watching TV, playing toy cars, and so on.

You can also color the drawer or storage box with a particular color code. For example, a red drawer for toy cars, while the yellow one is for books. In that way the children will find it fun to store and organize their toys.

Another idea is to put a mini chalkboard on the wall, or course with a reachable height. This board is like a bulletin board. Parents can encourage their children to make a note and stick it in there, such as notes on the birthday of friends, school picnic schedule, holidays, and so on.

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