How to Create a Favorite Football Club Themed Bedroom Design

Chelsea Bedroom DesignsFootball might be the most popular sport in this world. The players’ technique in handling the ball often makes us, the audiences, completely bewitched. Well, when talking about football, you must have our own favorite club. What is yours? Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Barcelona, or what club?

No matter what the football club is, if you are a big fan of it, you will collect any accessories related to the club, such as jackets, T-shirts, slayers, hats, and so on. Even your bedroom can also be designed with the theme of your football club too. Then, how to do it? To decorate the bedroom using the theme of your favorite football club, you can paint the wall with the football club color. For example, if you love Chelsea, you can paint your wall in blue. If you want to display the logo of the football club, just buy a wall sticker with Chelsea logo on it.

Should the entire walls be painted in blue? No. You can just paint one side of the walls only. The blue color doesn’t need to be applied to the entire walls although actually want it that way. As the substitution, apply the blue color as an accent on one wall side. Let the other wall sides in white. In addition, you can also add some accessories related to football club into your bedroom. For instance, you can put a carpet with the Chelsea logo on it. For the wardrobe, you can design it in blue and also put the logo there. The blue wall would be perfect if accompanied by a matching bedding and mat.

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