How to Create a Healthy House with Good Air Circulation

Comfortable Kitchen and Dining RoomA healthy and comfortable home is not only determined by the quality of the lighting, but also by the air circulation. To make the air circulates smoothly, the room must be supported by a good ventilation system. The ventilation system is created by permanent openings which are applied to the walls, such as windows that serves to permanently let the air go into and out of the house.

The number of openings in each room should be enough for the air circulation. A form of opening which is commonly found in a room is window. A window shutter is usually made of glass or wood which can be opened wide in the morning. There is also a bovenlicht window, i.e. a small window with two pieces of that has a gap between them. A bovenlicht is usually installed in a warehouse, bathroom, or closet, which does not allow the installation of a regular window.

The required room air distribution depends on the function of the space. For instance, in the bedroom, two-thirds of the space volume should be replaced with new air every hour. If the room size is 3 m x 4 m x 3 m, it requires a room air change of 24m2/hour. While the bathroom needs an air circulation as big as 6 times of the volume of the space. Thus, a bathroom of 2 m x 2 m x 3 m requires an air change of 72m2/hour.

Good ventilation for a home in a tropical climate is the cross ventilation. There are two openings in the form of windows or doors which are located opposite each other in one space. On this system, the air can flow from one ventilation point to another. The air pressure outside and inside the room will be different, so that air can move and there will be fresh air coming into the house.

Another way to create good air circulation is through the garden. The high pollution level in urban areas makes it hard to get clean natural air. A garden serves as a dirty air filter inside the house. However, for those who have a narrow field, a void could be a solution. A void is an open area in the house that cut the continuity of space between the two areas. It will facilitate the flow of dirty air while pushing air out of the house.

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