How to Create a Mood in Your Gazebo

Traditional Wooden Gazebo DesignThere are various ways to create moods in a gazebo. The simple way can be started from the furniture arrangement and accessory placement.

When arranging the gazebo furniture, we should take the gazebo design into account. An ethnic style design usually has a leveled floor or stage floor with a height of 30 cm – 50 cm from the ground. This floor is suitable for furniture without arms and legs. This furniture is usually shaped seat with a triangle backrest. The backrest is removable, allowing you to make it a long pad like a mattress.

The arrangement of furniture for modern and classic gazebo design concept is definitely different. The modern one tends to use legged and armed chairs. That is because the floor level is the same with the ground surface, not a stage floor. The seats appear plain without any ornaments. The seat is made from manufactured materials such as stainless steel, synthetic leather, plastic, and processed wood.

A classic gazebo uses a similar furniture arrangement with a modern gazebo’s. However, the design of the furniture is made of wrought iron decorated with ornaments which look like plants. The ornaments are made detailed on the arms, back, and seat too.

How to place the accessories? The placement of the accessories becomes part of the furniture arrangement for a gazebo. It can be placed on a low table or on the floor surface.

The designs of the accessories must be adjusted to the design of the gazebo. Accessories made ​​from natural materials tend to decorate a gazebo with an ethnic design. Meanwhile, manufactured accessories are suitable for a modern gazebo design.

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