How to Create a Multifunctional Minimalist Kids’ Bedroom

Minimalist Kids Bedroom with Bunk BedTo make your children feel comfortable at home, try to make their bedroom more attractive. In addition to being attractive, a kids’ bedroom should be able to support their development too. Therefore it would be helpful to equip your children’s bedroom with a variety of facilities, e.g. the facilities for studying and playing.

If you have a limited space, it is suggested that you determine the furniture and concept which is appropriate to the room. It is aimed at having a multifunctional minimalist bedroom design.

Minimalist = White
To emphasize the concept of minimalist bedroom designs, don’t forget to involve the color white in it. Forget the striking colors which finally will make the minimalistic bedroom feel stuffy and cramped.

Customized furniture
With customized furniture, e.g. bunk bed, children can share a room with their siblings (two children). As an alternative to adjusting the space limitations, you can use a double deck bed. At the end of the leg, to minimize the zonk area, you can put a two-door-wardrobe there. While on the left side, try to place a small closet with a wall mounted shelf above it. You can definitely get the simple and multifunctional impression you want for this place. Table is also needed as minimalist bedroom furniture. To avoid a stuffy impression, the upper part of the small cabinet can be used as the desk. The wall mounted shelf can be used to store books or other items.

Furthermore, to make a spacious impression, place a large mirror on the other side of the room. The reflection of a large mirror on the wall will create the impression of a larger room. You can also get a modern impression from the application sandblasted glass, allowing you to have a modern minimalist bedroom design.

In addition, installing a downlight right above the glass will give the impression of a more spacious room. This is because the light can be emitted to the fullest aided by the reflection of the mirror. Modern impression can also be obtained from the ceiling height level which is combined with downlight beam. Do not forget to use rugs with patterns and colors that match the wall to give a warm atmosphere.

If you want to show a more beautiful impression, you can put small flower pots on top of the cupboard. Meanwhile, the ethnic elements could be obtained from a unique wall clock which is combined with a valance in the same motif, strengthening the accent. In that way, a kids’ bedroom design in minimalist could also be warm and inviting.

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