How to Create an Ideal Bedroom Layout

Bedroom LayoutThe most important thing when designing the layout of a bedroom is the circulation. Why? A big and wide bedroom will feel small if the circulation is not good. It is usually caused by the placement of furniture which does not create a circulation path. The following are several things to consider when dealing with furniture arrangement in a bedroom.

  • A linear circulation will make the bedroom feels roomy. Ideally, the furniture is placed against the wall so that the space would be wider. Yet, we need to avoid placing furniture which blocks the door so the circulation will work smoothly.
  • The bedroom should be designed next to the garden. It is to help the circulation of air and light. Psychologically, the beautiful view of a garden could contribute positively to the room occupants.
  • Ideally, the bedroom has a transitional space or foyer. If it is impossible due to the limited space, at least try to make the bed cannot be directly seen when we open the bedroom door.
  • Don’t place the bed in front of the door because the air will directly flow to our body when the door is open. It can cause colds or respiratory illnesses.
  • Don’t place the bed right next to the window because it can be dazzling and disturb the sleep. Moreover, it is very not recommended for people with asthma because the wind and dust that come in through the window can make the asthma relapse.
  • Do not over tighten your bed against the wall. This not only makes it hard to change the linen, but it also can leave streaks on the wall and make it damp.

The following are some examples of an ideal bedroom layout designs which may inspire you. Bedroom Layouts

Bedroom Layout Ideas

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