How to Create an Intimate and Homey Interior Atmosphere

Warm and Comfortable Interior DesignWhat is your idea of a nice person? Maybe he is someone humble and warm that makes you feel very comfortable being close to him. It is just the same when we talk about the color of your room. The gradation of earth colors gives an impression of a down to earth and humble room. This will give you a certain comfortable feeling, yet it can cause boredom too at some points. Therefore, these earth colors should be combined with other colors which also belong to warm colors. In that way, the comfort it brings will last longer.

Warmth creates a safe and comfortable feeling. When you feel comfortable, you must want to go back to that place which has given you the feeling of comfort. It is what we call as a homey place. Then, how to make the family room warm and comfortable? You can imagine the family intimacy when being together. The comfortable floor to sit on, the greeting from interior elements, and colors which tend not to be stressful to the eye.

The focus is on the family while the interior only supports the humble side from a warm room. Although later some bright colors are used, yet the whole combination will still look humble. If there are many bright and colorful colors, the family room will look cheerful and dynamic. Thus, we should keep this humble element.

There are some colors which have non-aggressive elements, which are earth colors and their gradation. There colors are widely used as background colors. Then, choose bright colors which are still categorized as warm colors. If you think there are too many colors involved and look so aggressive, you can add dark or white colors there. For example, if you use red and you are afraid if it is too deciduous, you can add a dark element. It may become terracotta. Another example is the use of orange color. You can use orange at a big and wide surface without omitting the impression of a warm atmosphere. Do this by adding white on the orange color so that the color would be pale or dusty orange. It would be fun to mix and match warm colors. Yet, make sure that there are not too many colors involved because it will be very stressful. Safe and comfortable color palettes you can use include beige, taupe, mimosa, terracotta, and brown.

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