How to Deal with a Small Space Kitchen

Small Kitchen RemodelSometimes we find problems when dealing with a small space kitchen. Yet, we can make our small kitchen work as efficiently as a large kitchen does. Even when we have a really limited space such as 1.5m x 1.5m, we still can make it work well by unifying two functions in one room at one. For example, we can bring together dining space and cooking space into one room.

To save spaces, people usually use a table that functions as a pantry too, with a concept of a bar table. In that way we do not need a formal dining table. To feel comfortable when cooking in the small kitchen, we need to improve the design of the kitchen itself. It if is designed properly, it will never feel too small and crowded. The following are several important things to consider when creating a comfortable atmosphere in a small space kitchen:

  • Don’t let any space empty without any function. Use every space in the kitchen effectively.
  • Put the kitchen equipments in a reachable place. Besides saving time, the kitchen will look clean and neat.
  • Use drawers to keep kitchen equipments such as knifes, spoons, and forks. It will ease us when looking for them.
  • To save spaces, we can use a planted stove with an oven beneath it.
  • Install big ventilation or windows so that the fresh air and the sunlight can enter the kitchen smoothly. Also consider the cleanliness of the water and waste disposal.
  • We can install cabinets under the stoves and sink as the storage of bigger kitchen equipments.

By considering the above things, we will have a comfortable space to prepare the meals despite its small space. Spending a lot of time in the kitchen would not be a stressful activity anymore. Good luck.

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