How to Decorate a Bedroom with White Walls

White Bedroom with Black White Gallery WallWhite is the safest color to be applied in any home design. It is a very neutral color, yet can be very boring. Is it true?

Well, the color white provides a clean and fresh impression. By using this color for the wall, you can actually use it as a decoration background which is wonderfully alive. Furthermore, you can feel very calm when you are in a room with white walls, especially in the bedroom.

Here’s how to deal with white wall decoration in your bedroom:

Neutral colors
Simply put, if you use the color white for your bedroom walls, you like neutral colors. You can use this simple and fun approach. Using curtains, flooring, furniture and fixture in neutral colors with not too many attributes can lead to the impression of a clean and refreshing bedroom. Neutral colors can also be combined with white to create the impression of elegance.

You can use neutral colored furniture and accessories such as black, gray, brown and the colors are not bright and flashy. Make sure the bedroom furniture and accessories do not feature too complicated carvings. Reflective or metallic flat surfaces can even give the impression of a modern and sophisticated space.

You can also use natural colors and earth colors to make your bedroom look more cool and comfortable. Wood colors with various shades would be perfect paired with bright white walls.

Bright color accents
If you consider neutral colors are too soft, you can use bright colors which look contrast with the rest of the room. This is done by using a bright colored object as the center of attraction in a neutral room. It will make your bedroom has a nice accent.

You can also choose an accent color and use it repeatedly to make it look contrast with white. Use two or more objects-but not too many- that have contrasting colors to create accents.

Even if you like a lot of colors, you can decorate your bedroom with a variety of colors. Collect your colored furniture and accessories in a corner of the bedroom so that the accent remains visible. Use the extensive decorations and take a lot of places to draw attention to your accent. You can also spread the center of attraction by putting the bright colored stuff in various places.

Create a gallery effect
White wall paint is suitable as a clean base for a striking display of art objects. Use objects that have a value of art like paintings and accessories. Set them in such a way that they look contrast with the white wall. Hang many framed paintings on a wall to create the impression of a lively and fun space.

If you do not to involve too many colors in your white bedroom, you can use a piece of art with a matching color, such as black white paintings with black frames.

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