How to Design a Basement Bathroom Properly

Exotic Bathroom DesignWhen designing a basement bathroom, in addition to pipes and vents, you should also think about the style of this room. Will you make it a classic bathroom with natural stones or the modern one with concrete structure?

Indeed, the most appropriate strategy to create a bathroom in the basement is to hide it. However, sometimes there is always a way to make it look nice and even not boring. The reason is the basement bathroom needs to compete with other spaces under your house, such as the lounge or steps.

One of the most important parts of the bathroom in the basement is the condition of the ceiling which must be strong enough to drive the moisture out of the house. Like steam, for example, which looks simply like small cloud when you’re showering. But, once you go after a shower, the steam will turn back into the water and into the sidelines walls and floor of the room. In the end, this will be the dirty things that you do not want to clean it everytime after you finish taking a bath.

Obviously, the presence of a ventilation fan is the way to lead humidity out of your bathroom. Do not let your bathroom in really hot or cold condition since you have to maintain the temperature balanced.

Keep in mind that a basement bathroom offers plenty of opportunities to use a variety of standard structures that already exist in the home, e.g, the wall foundation which becomes the building structure. Why do you have to cover its strong appearance with gypsum wall? There is actually no need to do it.

In addition, you need to consider the installation of water pipes or electricity. Indeed, not all the water or electrical installation looks nice to see. However, if you have a plan to make the structure of the open space (open plan), the results obtained could be different, that is very unique and interesting.

Exposing the pipe can be a cool way to make a basement in your home or the home seemed to industrial plants in the cave like in ancient times. This is better and less troublesome than building many things to something that you should actually show.

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