How to Design a Garage Properly

Simple Garage Design with Aluminum Side Sliding Sectional Garage DoorThe garage serves as a place to protect your vehicles from the heat, the rain, and definitely to avoid theft. But you need to know, that at night the garage also protects the vehicles from dew that contains acid, which can speed up the process of rust.

What is the right size of the garage?
The right size of the garage completely depends on the size of the vehicle you have. For a small car like City Car, you might only need a 2.4 m x 4.8 m sized garage , but for a larger car, you should make the garage  in the size of 3 m x 6 m, or 3 m x 5.5 m with at least of a 2.8 m height. To be safe, you would better take the second and third choice, since you might change your car with the newer and bigger later.

Indeed, some people could have been making the garage size smaller than the one we have described above, but for the comfort aspect you should follow the suggestion. Moreover, some people take advantage of the garage not only to keep the car, but also to store tools related to auto parts. Ideally, a garage can be build in a house which has a standard size of 54/90 m². 54 m2 is the size of the house and 90 m2 is the size of ​​the land.

Garage design
In addition to determining the size, the right garage design must also meet several elements such as the air vents, the selection of the floor, storage space, and also garage security element.

  • Air vents. This element is often neglected. Make sure the air circulation flows well. Make air grille in the garage door right in the snout of the car exhaust muffler so that the exhaust gases can be directly flown out. Additionally, the air vents on the right or the left side above the entrance also needs to be followed with the opposite circulation. In addition to smoothing the air circulation, this ventilation is useful to throw out dust and other particles that move up from the car.
  • Garage floor. This area requires a careful consideration since it will deal with dust, spilled oil, or water droplets from the car’s air conditioning. Thus, you need floor material which is strong, easy to clean, has small pores. Ceramics would be a good choice. Choose not slippery ceramics (unpolished) with bright colors.
  • Goods storage space. Surely you do not want a garage which looks cluttered. Therefore you have to provide a storage area in the garage. You can choose to take advantage of stacking shelves or cabinets with many drawers as storage places that are put close to the wall. Or, you can use the combination of the two. But if the size of your garage space is not too big, you can install a rack which is connected to the roof or the upper wall. Or, you can use a hook that is mounted on the wall as a hook for a variety of items that can be hung. In this way, you can use the space more efficiently.
  • Security elements. The security elements must exist in the garage. One is the need for door. There are several options of garage doors on the market, starting from rolling door, sliding door, folding door, until the door which is operated electrically by a remote control. The sliding door is considered the most effective because it is efficient, does not take up much space, easy to operate, and not noisy. To increase more security in your garage, you can also install cameras (CCTV).

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