How to Design a Modern Classic Home Interior

Modern Classic Interior Design IdeaDo you ever plan to combine a classic and modern style for your home design? It might sound contradictory. In fact, both of those design styles must have several similarities that can be well blended. If you face this kind of situation, try to focus on the main element of both styles.

Focus on the values of both concepts 
Although different, the concept of classic and modern interior styles must have a side that is consistent and can be combined. In the classical concept, traditional elements and some classy elegant touches have certainly always been a major strength. However, in the modern concept, simple styles which emphasize on function is the essence. In combining the two concepts, you do not have to always integrate all the elements that exist in both these concepts. If it is less possible, take just a couple of the core of these two concepts. Then combine the two and make sure both look balanced.

Choosing paint colors
In interior decoration, color is one very important part. To get the impression of modern and classical interior, make sure to choose a color that is the same tone of both concepts. Try to choose the color white. This color is widely used as the base color for either classic or modern interior. The white color also gives the impression of broad and formal. After determining the basic color, combine this color with another color such as brown, gray, or black. Those colors are very suitable to reinforce the impression of elegance.

Classic-style furniture is generally associated with curved shapes and quite complex ornaments. In contrast, modern furniture looks more simple which is able to create a minimalist and plain impression. Both do seem very contradictory. But you always can deal with such a situation. Choose furniture that has a curved design with some ornaments. But make sure that it does not have too many ornaments. This modern classic style will create a new impression.

For the living room, try to place a plain white sofa. Put also some electronic equipment. Placing electronic equipment will give a modern impression in the room. However, keep in mind that in choosing the furniture you should not only focus on the shape and design only. Make sure the furniture color matches the color of the room.

The presence of additional decorations can also improve the impression created. If you are interested in placing some additional decorations, you can choose a chandelier or floor lamp. Both of these accessories have a dual function. Besides being able to light up a room, they can also decorate it. Choose the one with a classic modern shape.

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