How to Design an Indian Bollywood Bedroom

Classic Indian Bedroom StyleAre you a Bollywood or other Indian movies lover? If so, it will not feel complete if your room is not designed in the style of this country known for the Taj Mahal building. The Bollywood -style home design is associated with bright and luxurious colors. The following tips will help you create a Bollywood room decoration.

Color is the most important element in creating an atmosphere of India in the room. Typically, the bedroom in India uses shades of terracotta red. This color is a mixture of cherry and plum colors.

You have to remember that the color red used should not to be striking, but soft natural red. If you want to keep using bold colors like purple, simply use it in a pattern of accessories such as pillows or tablecloths. Also, avoid using the color palette. This color is not suitable in the Indian -style home design. According to Indian belief, the color palette is a color that is poor, so it will have a negative impact on humans.

To design an Indian-style room, you should use teak wood furniture. This wood is very suitable to be a material for furniture because it is durable. In addition, the teak wood is also easy to set up beautifully. You can use this teak element on mirrors, beds, and dressers in your bedroom.

In dressing, Indian women are well known for the sari fabrics. Meanwhile, for the room, you can use a fabric made ​​from textiles for blankets, rugs, pillows, and curtains. Not only that, you also can use this on curtains and canopy. The fabric colors which are suitable for the design of this Indian -style room are blue, green, brown, cinnamon, green, and turquoise. And most of these fabrics are coated with motifs embroidered with gold and silver threads, sequins and small mirrors.

Accessories and lighting
For Bollywood home accessories, you can choose silver vases or cropper trays for putting drinks and fruits. Furthermore, you can use chandeliers or table lamps placed beside the bed.

It is not that difficult, is not it? Simply by following the tips above, you can have your very private Indian interior decoration in your bedroom. Have a fun room decoration and enjoy mix-matching colors, accessories, and furniture. Good luck.

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