How to Determine Best Feng Shui Directions for Kids’ Bedrooms

Cool Kids White BedroomIs it true that Feng Shui calculations are only for the head of the family? Yes, it is true. The Feng Shui calculations based on the head of the family is very important because it is concerned with the responsibility of providing welfare for the whole family.

However, it does not mean other occupants do not need a Feng Shui appropriate for them respectively, e.g. for the kids who still follow the Feng Shui calculations of their parents. Take for example the room that is often used by children, such as their bedroom.

Based on Feng Shui for bedroom, there are two important things that should be accounted for when making a Feng Shui kids’ bedroom. The first one is concerning the direction of the bedroom, and second is the interior of the bedroom.

Direction based on the year of birth  
According to the theory of best Feng Shui for bedroo, there are four 4 good compass directions and 4 bad ones. Good directions are very important for children’s health and mental development. In order to know and be able to meet the two aspects above, you can calculate the Kua number using the following basic formula.

If x is the sum of two last numbers of the birth year, then for children whose birth year is after 2000, you can apply the following formula:

  • Kua for boys = 9 – x
  • Kua for girls = x + 6


  • The Kua number of a boy born in 2001 is 9 – 1 = 8
  • The Kua number of girl born in 2006 is 6 + 6 = 12, 1 + 2 = 3

Table of Feng Shui Lucky Directions

KUA Health Mental/Mind
1. KAN East North
2. KUN West Southwest
3. CHEN North East
4. SUN South Southeast
5. CHIEN Northeast Northwest
6. TUI Southwest West
7. KEN Northwest Northeast
8. LIE Southeast South

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