How to Determine Colors for Kids’ Bedrooms

Kids' Bedroom Design IdeaKids’ bedroom has different color from adults’ bedroom. For a kids’ room, you can use the primary colors which consist red, yellow, and blue. These three colors can stimulate motor movement and brain development of children. However, it turns out the primary colors are not always good to be applied to the child’s room. To apply it, you need to consider the child’s age.

Primary colors are suitable for a toddler room (under three years). It helps them recognize basic colors. But if they are growing up, such as the age of 4-11 years old, the room should use secondary colors and light colors so that children can be encouraged to be more calm.

There are even more color combinations of bedrooms for children over 12 years. During their puberty, you can apply the colors that have meaning in accordance with the psychological sex of the child. For example, if it is a girl’s room, apply feminine colors like pink or light green.

What are the elements that form colors in a child’s bedroom? Like the other rooms, the main element is the element of the space itself; the ceiling, walls, and floors. One element, such as a wall, can be colored primary colors. Then use a neutral color combination, for example, white or beige. The color combination should be no more than three colors. For example, white ceiling, blue walls, and the color of the wood for flooring.

In addition to the elements of space, furniture, accessories, and a variety of toys can also form the color room. Furniture should have a matching color to the space color. Then add accessories to the furniture as accents so that the furniture does not seem plain.

To give an attractive impression, use the accessories and toys. Both generally have a combination of primary colors that contrast. Accessories and toys’ colors also can be an accent in the room. Place them on certain angles, such as the corner of a table, on a shelf, or on a bedside table.

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