How to Determine the Front Door Direction and Position Based on Feng Shui

Elegant Facade DesignThe main entrance is an access to exit and enter a home. Therefore, the direction and the position of the door should really be taken into account. According to the science of Feng Shui, the main door is a priority when someone is building a house. A Feng shui master said that your main door is like the mouth: what is involved in will give effect to the entire body. According to him, the direction of the main entrance should be adjusted to the date of birth (kua) of the householder.

Ideally, your main door should not face the main door of your neighbor’s house. So, you have to determine a good door direction first, and then arrange it so that it doesn’t face the next neighbors’ door.

Nevertheless, there is a solution that can be done if the main door already deals with a neighbor’s main door. You can hang trinkets around the door.The most appropriate way is to move the door so that it gets a good direction.

Then what about the doors? If you want to use a double door, make sure it has the same size. If the doors are not the same size, there will be an imbalance. In the science of Feng Shui, men are on the left, while the woman on the right. If the left door is smaller, it means that the husband is depressed. Conversely, if the right door is smaller, it means that the wife is depressed. The imbalance can be in the form of imbalance discomfort and psychological distress as well as the physical one.

Meanwhile, the size of the main door should be sized larger than the other doors in the house. It should be proportional to the buildings. About the color of the doors, it is explained that color effects are not significant but can be used to enhance the value of Feng Shui of the door. The most important one is direction and position of the door.

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