How to Determine the Right House Facing Direction

Contemporary White House with Minimalist Garden and PoolHouse facing direction greatly influences the house occupants’ comfort. Then, how to determine the right house facing direction?

Many homeowners choose to make their house face east since it can get much morning sunlight which is good for health. However, this position does not guarantee that the house will be comfortable to stay in.

The sun heat is indeed needed by a building, but not the excessive one since it will make your house feel hot. On the other hand, sunlight can help you saving energy during the daytime as you do not need to turn the light on.

You can indeed  deal with problems related to house facing direction with the right building shape. For instance, if your house is rectangular, its orientation towards the sun is bigger than the square one.

You can pay attention to the angle of sunlight falling. The higher the sunlight, the greater the heat generated inside the house. Therefore, the narrow side of the building should be directed to the low position of the sun. When excessive sunlight enters the house, it will interfere with your comfort.

Well, in order to make your house feel comfortable, you need to consider the building structure from the start. The simplest first step is to set the position of the window on the bottom side of the wall. That is, you should be able to accommodate the coming light with regard to the needs of space in it.

Set the design and position of openings. Install a lot of windows on the east side in order to ease the sunlight to enter the house. Most importantly, make all rooms have openings and gets connected to the space outside.

The next step to deal with a house facing the wrong direction is to adjust the layout of the room appropriately. Avoid placing the bedrooms facing west because this will connect the rooms directly to the afternoon sunlight. In the afternoon, the sun heat comes from the west and will be felt until the evening. That is, even though the sun has set, the temperature in the room is still high.

What if your house faces west? Do not worry. You can deal with it by placing a wet area on the west side. For multistory buildings, you should create a void to provide space for air movement. The presence of a dry garden, pool, or open space, in the middle of the room can let the sunlight in, and provide a fresh touch in the room. Do not forget to give the distance between the building and the land boundaries so that sunlight can freely enter into your house. The application of a house without insulation can also help create an airy effect in your house.

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