How to Determine the Apartment Facing Direction Based on Feng Shui

Apartment Front DoorIn recent years, living in a vertical housing such as apartments is increasingly becoming a trend, especially in big cities. From those people who are interested in apartments, there are many who ask about the apartment facing direction to be used.  Most of them believe that the apartment direction is the entrance to the apartment unit.  Well, this article will answer that question based on the science of Feng Shui.

According to the definition, Feng means wind and Shui means water. The Qi or Chi energy brought by the wind will settle in the water. Therefore, in the Feng Shui calculation, the building door becomes an important element to determine the apartment facing direction.

The problem is, there are several doors in the apartment that could be seen as an entry point:

  1. wind that carries the Chi, which is the door of the apartment building
  2. the entrance to the apartment unit
  3. the balcony door.

Based on the definition, the most important thing is the direction of the door in which the wind comes. That door determines the facing direction of the apartment. Therefore, it can be concluded that the entrance to the apartment unit is difficult to be used as a marker for the apartment facing direction. Moreover, this door is often blocked by the wall in front of it, which is less than two meters.

To support this argument, let us compare it to a three or four-story house. Which door should be used to determine the facing direction based on Feng Shui? Of course it is the door located on the ground floor. Meanwhile, doors located on each floor are simply rooms’ entrance. These doors are similar to the apartment units’ entrance.

Like storey-houses, the facing direction of apartments is also based on the large door on the ground floor where the apartment lobby is located. This idea can be applied to apartment without balcony.

Then, how about apartments with a balcony? Choose the door which is often open and receives a lot of air as the door determining the apartment facing direction. Why? It is because it will feel better to get the air from the balcony door than from the apartment entrance.

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