How to Feng Shui a House Near the River

Awesome Housing Near the RiverCurrently, many developers offer riverside residential concept or riverview, or a house located near streams. According to the science of Feng Shui, basically homes that have views of the river or water is very good, but if the location of the house is close to the river, there are several things to consider.

The ideal distance to the river is depending on the shape of the contour. If the contour is high enough, the location can be adjacent to the river, but if it has a lower contour, the house should be located quite far from the river. In this case, the flood factors also need to be considered.

The best stream, according to Feng Shui, is the one curved to hug the house, not the flow of the rectangle. Another thing to consider is the sound of the river which is not noisy. A good river is clear and does not smell bad or littered with trash. The reason is because it is not good for health.

The best river does not have a heavy flow because it will bring a too heavy fast of energy, so it is not very balanced.

When the direction and position of the house on the river has been good, it would be better if the river is wider. Therefore, usually the water element in Feng Shui brings financial effect; bigger flow is better. Conversely, if the position is not good, while the flow is big, the bad effects will be doubled.

Besides being good for home Feng Shui, it turns out the river is also able to bring the effect to a town in its path. If the city has a good river flow, life in the city would be good, but when the river flow is bad, it will be a lot of people stressed.

Financial to sexual influence
Streams that are not in accordance with the direction toward home can have negative effects, such as financial, health, relationship, until the legal problems.

When the river flows straight in front of the house, then the Feng Shui is depending on the direction toward the building. For example, a north-facing house is not good when facing the river which flows from west to east. The good river flow direction for the house is from east to west.

In contrast, the south-facing house is not good when facing the river which flows from east to west. The home is good to have the flow from west to east.

If this rule is violated, then the occupants will experience bad things as shown in the formula of peach blossom water, in which it will affect the sexual life of the occupants.

In the case streams beside the house, it is suggested that the water flows from front to back of the house. The opposite direction is not recommended, because it will dry the positive effects of home.

Based on the formula of eight roads of distractions, the position of a house at the corner of a river depends on the direction of the house and where the water comes and goes. If so, there will be negative things associated with physic, such as accident, health, sickness, until death.

Observe the position and direction
Because moving the direction of the river flow is impossible, then to obtain a good Feng Shui, the shape and the direction toward the house must be observed.

The step must be done is to change the direction of the main door. For example, if a house faces north, while the stream in front of it flows from west to east, then the door should be shifted, say, facing northeast, so that the formula of peach blossom water is not met. If the flow is from the front to the rear, the door should be shifted to the side facing the river flow.

If the house is located at the corner of the river, it will be exposed to the centrifugal effect. To minimize the negative effects, buffers need to be made. Ideally the curved shape of the river is covered with plants, so it is not visible from the door. You can also use fence, but the visual should be blocked. The road in front of the house also can reduce the negative effects of the angled river.

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