How to Feng Shui Your Bathroom

Small Cozy BathroomAccording to Feng Shui, the element of water is associated with wealth. Since most of the elements in a bathroom is water, then this room has a powerful impact on your wealth. To provide positive energy in your bathroom, you can follow these tips:

1 . Lighting
A bright bathroom will create a positive energy. If your bathroom is not too bright, you should add more lights to illuminate it.

2 . Green plants
Adding greenery in the bathroom is a way to minimize the negative energy. Bamboo is a good choice for plants with positive elements. According to Feng Shui, bamboo money is oriented to money. Put plants which could be reflected by a mirror; it is believed to be able to double your fortune.

3 . Hidden door
Put a mirror on the exterior part of the bathroom door to hide the door. In addition, the mirror can also serve to make the area around the mirror look more spacious.

4 . Enclosed spaces
Always close the bathroom door so that the energy in the bathroom is maintained. Close the toilet seat; this means that the energies can flow properly.

5 . Earth color
Earth color will capture the positive energy. Therefore, try to paint and decorate your bathroom with the colors brown, gold and nude.

6 . Cleanliness
Maintaining cleanliness in the bathroom is not only about Feng Shui principle, but also related to health. Keeping the bathroom clean can create a positive energy flow.

Those are some guides on Feng Shui in a bathroom. You can follow these guides for a more comfortable and harmonious bathroom design.

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