How to Feng Shui Your Office for More Prosperity

Modern Office InteriorNowadays, Feng Shui is no longer limited to the Chinese people trust. In fact, more and more people apply Feng Shui in business activities. The Feng Shui applied when establishing a company is considered to contribute to the future development of the company. What Feng Shui is to consider before building a company? Check out our review below.

There is a considerable difference between constructing a small office or a house and a corporate building. In Feng Shui, we should avoid a house located at T-juntcion. However, a commercial building at T-junction is considered good. Based on the “Flying Star” Feng Shui, the principle of this T-junction building is very logical. T-junction houses or small offices have the risks of being hit by cars due to the drunk or sleepy driver. Hence, Asians, especially the Chinese will not go near the house which is located in a T position, even within a distance of three feet.

This T-junction position is good for large and tall commercial buildings because of all the traffic passes through the office. In Feng Shui, the traffic is considered as water, and water is considered as the carrier of financial luck.

In addition to the position of the building, the size of the  building is also noteworthy. This is because the size of the building will represent the scale of your business. To that end, Feng Shui experts advise to avoid selecting buildings that are relatively small and not tall.

Suppose your building is located between two large buildings. It is not impossible that at the end you and your employees will also feel “small” compared to the two competitors who have the luxurious big and tall building. The result is, you might be depressed by the competition.

When searching for an office building, try to choose a building located in a two-way street because according to Feng Shui, the traffic itself is a representation of money. If the street is only one way, then your money will quickly dry up. Yet, if you are in an office building in a two-way street, the source of your money will come from two directions at once. In Feng Shui, it is very useful to increase your income.

Although there may be many rules in the science of Feng Shui building, in the end the choice is yours. If you feel you can go forward with your current office location in the area of ​​advanced industry, then do not be afraid to keep moving. But for those of you who believe in the science of Feng Shui, you can apply this knowledge for your luck. Hope it’s useful.

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