How to Find and Keep Good Tenants?

Meeting Good TenantsThe increase in property prices in recent years make some people prefer to rent to buy property. This is certainly good news for investors and property owners who wish to rent out their properties. To that end, we formulate some tips to attract and retain good tenants.

Quality properties will attract quality tenants
Property with good quality will attract better tenants anyway. The better the product of your rental property, then you will more easily determine the standard of quality tenants. Some characteristics of interesting properties are close to means of public transportation, hospitals, schools or universities, and office area. Properties with these characteristics are usually in great demand among professionals. A good property is also is clean, tidy,  has good service, and a variety of facilities such as Wi-Fi and cable TV .

Good display
How to show your property is an essential thing in finding good tenants. For that, you should have good photographs. Use the services of a professional photographer if necessary. By displaying photos of poor quality, you can make the interest of potential tenants down to 75 %. It would be better if you also show building floor plan. Currently, the plan of the building becomes an essential thing for professional property owners. By presenting building plans, you can increase the number of requests.

Determine your point of view
One way to get a quality tenant is to determine your viewpoint. You know your property better. And with your knowledge, you can increase the quality and highlight the advantages of your property. You can also be more flexible than hired agents, by creating an open house during the night or weekend. This will increase the potential for getting quality tenants. By accompanying the prospective tenants see the property you rent directly, you can see if they are interested or not in your property.

Allow keeping animals
By allowing tenants to keep animals you will increase the demand for your property. Typically, pet owners will stay longer because not all property owners allow tenants to keep animals.

Advertise in the right place
The best way to get a good tenant is to avoid advertising in places where the quality of the prospective tenant is unknown. If your property is advertised on professional sites, usually the quality of the prospective tenants is better.

How to retain good tenants?
If you treat your tenants well, they certainly will respect you, maintain your property, and rent for longer. Treating well means quickly repairing any damage, including putting some stuff that makes your property more attractive. Property owners who appreciate the tenants will present good relations between property owners and tenants.

There are several tips you can do to keep good tenants in a good relationship:

  • Provide a welcome gift on the first day the tenant stay in the house.
  • Do not buy cheap furniture with bad quality which is easily damaged.
  • Do a bit of renovation and repair when it is still being hired. Do not wait until the property is empty.
  • Do not disturb the tenants, because usually they are happy with solitude. Do not too often visit them.
  • Be creative when approaching the end of the lease term. Do not just raise the price of the rent, but try to offer something, such as gratitude cards for being a good tenant.

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