How to Fix Peeled Wall Paint Due To Water Seepage

Peeling PaintPeeling wall paints are always annoying. To deal with this, the first important step to take is to find the source of the problem. Without knowing the real problem, we may experience the same thing over and over again. The flaking process can occur due to the damp wall condition caused by water seepage from the gutter or high ground water which seeps on wall pores. Or, it can be caused by a bad wall construction process. The mixture of cement might have been not perfect so the wall contains too much alkali, or the wall drying process is not perfect. These all can be very disturbing since we have to renovate the walls.

However, if you find the walls are in a good condition, the wall flakes might be caused by a mistake in the painting process.

  • The wall may not be completely dry and flat yet so the painting process takes a longer time.
  • The use of a low putty quality so that when painted the putty is lifted.
  • Not using primer, or using it but not in accordance with the final painting system.
  • The painting is done on an uneven, dirty, or oily surface so that the paint adhesion function gets reduced.
  • And the most common is the use of paints with low quality. It makes the paint not well attached on the wall, and easy to harden.
  • Mistakes also often occur when repainting wall in which the old paint layer is not removed first. Or it could be the painting is done over the calcifying paint, making it easy to peel.

After knowing some causes of wall flaking, now it is the time fix the problem:

  • Fix the source of leaks to prevent water seeping into the wall.
  • Scrape the peeling paint layer to the bottom surface, and clean the dust and stains from the surface. Coat it with primer.
  • If the wall is not in a good condition, provide coating of alkali sealer and let it dry out perfectly.
  • Use wall paint with good quality with a good adhesion and elasticity providing durability. Thus, you would not need to repaint it too often. Use wall paint containing acrylic latex, especially for the exterior walls which are unprotected. In the painting process let the initial layer dries perfectly, and after that apply the second layer and so forth.
  • Using low-quality paint is cheap. However, high quality paint, in addition to providing a better adhesive, also covers a wider area, not easy to fade or peel as long as you apply it in the right way.

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