How to Get Rid of Ants from Your Home

A Spoon with AntsAnts are present in almost every home. Even most of them leave a trail of chemicals (pheromone) so that they can find their way back to the hive. When they met with something edible, they will call their friends. Other ants will come and find this location by smelling the pheromone left by their friends. This process happens repeatedly.

By observing the pattern of ants working, then immediately take an action if you see one or two ants crawling inside the house. Moreover, if you see it from time to time because it means that there are not only two or three ants crawling there, but thousands and even millions of ants are there in the nest hiding around the house.

The most effective way to control ants is to prevent it from entering the house. Ants enter the house with a reason, which is usually to look for food and drink. So, don’t forget to store your food safely in a good and clean place after eating. Also check the plumbing whether there is a leakage, especially under the dishwasher.

Prevention can also be done by severing contact between the ant nest with the house, for example, by cutting tree limbs that dangle touching the walls of the house. Thus ants are not given the opportunity to reach home.

There are also several ways done to get rid of ants from the house, such as putting or sprinkling materials which are not favored by ants at some points they often pass. The materials include camphor powder, coffee, cloves, cinnamon, hot water. Other materials that can be used are mint leaves or tea bags with peppermint scent.

So, which way are you going to use to deal with ants in your house?

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