How to Get Rid of the Smell of Spilled Milk

Spilled MilkMilk, which is rich in vitamins, protein, and calcium, can be a problem for you if it is spilled on your beautiful furnishings in the home. The smell would be pungent and disturbing. Spilled milk on household furniture that is not immediately cleaned can cause really bad smell. In addition to causing smell, dried spill of milk also leaves stubborn stains. If left unchecked, this spill would interfere with the comfort and beauty of your home interior. Well, consider some ways to avoid the bad smell from spilled milk as follows:

Wash immediately
If the milk spills on the furniture made ​​of glass or plastic, you should immediately wash the furniture using soap. If it is not immediately washed, the spilled milk will dry and causes odor like the smell of rotten eggs. But, if the spills are on the furniture or objects made ​​of fabric, such as carpet or clothes, you just need to use clean water and rub it on the stain to remove the smell.

Cleaning liquid
To remove milk smell from your carpet and clothing, use cleaning liquid. Wipe the spills of milk from the carpet using a dry towel and then use a sponge to remove the  smell. For clothes, soak them in soapy water for a while (about 20 minutes) and then rinse with clean water.

Lemon juice
Mix lemon juice with cleaning fluid. Then, wet a sponge with the liquid mixture. Using the sponge, wipe the furniture exposed to the milk spills.

Lemon is one of the oranges that have a strong aroma so that  it can be used as a deodorizing. Not only removing the smell of milk, lemon juice can also eliminate unpleasant smell such as the fishy smell of fish and eggs.

Not only causing odor, milk can also leave stains. So, use vinegar after removing milk stains. In addition to eliminating odors, vinegar can also reduce stains.

Warm water 
Warm water can help eliminate the strong smell on stains instantly. Boil some water and soak the furniture (which is small) in the warm water. Rub the furniture to completely get rid of the odor and stains.

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