How to Increase Fertility According to Home Feng Shui

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In Feng Shui, you can increase fertility through a room layout, especially your bedroom with your partner. With the right bedroom layout, Feng Shui will make your bedroom fertility friendly.

Clean up the bedroom properly
Bedroom is considered very important in Feng Shui. You can increase your fertility by keep maintaining its cleanliness. Make sure that the area under the bed is clean since it is an area where dust and dirt usually settles. Sweep and mop the bedroom floor, including the area under the bed, properly and regularly.

Use ornaments with elephant shapes or patterns
In Feng Shui, ornamental objects which are believed to increase fertility are the ones with elephant shapes or patterns. You can put painting or pictures of elephants, elephant-shaped statues, and so forth in your bedroom. Do not forget to put the ornament in the fertility spot.

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Besides elephants, Feng Shui highly recommends fruits to always be in your bedroom. In Feng Shui, fruits means child. The most recommended type of fruit is the pomegranate. Put a basket of pomegranates in the southwest corner of your bedroom. This position is called Kun which is a symbol of mother.

West corner
West corner symbolizes the creativity of children. Place a crystal ornament in the north west corner of your bedroom. It would be much better if there is a window on the west corner of your bedroom so that so sunlight can get into the room and illuminate your crystal ornament.

Plants also have a major contribution to increase your fertility and your partner’s. You can put plants in a beautiful vase or pots and place them in the fertility spot in your bedroom.

Feng Shui Bedroom with Plants and Corner Window

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