How to Keep Your Home Clean and Healthy

Clean and Healthy Home in Purple Shade and Wood FeatureA healthy home is a practical, durable and energy efficient home, so that it makes your life more secure and able to save the living cost. A healthy and clean home will make you, the occupants, feel comfortable and away from diseases that could endanger your health. Therefore, we share tips with you; how to keep the house clean and healthy:

  1. Sweep the floor and yard of the house regularly. Get used to sweep and clean the floor and the yard every morning and in the afternoon. In addition to being clean from dust and germs, the floor will feel comfortable when it is clean. The clean yard will also make your home look more beautiful.
  2. Clean your furniture on a regular basis. It includes the tables, sofas, shelves, home accessories, and so forth. Do this before you sweep and mop the floor.
  3. Mop the floor. The floor in your home might be dirty and become a home for germs and bacteria. For that, take a moment to mop the entire floor of your home.
  4. Wash and change the house mat on a regular basis. Mat is one of the many germy objects in a house, thus you must be diligent to wash and change the mat.
  5. Keep the air circulation in your home smooth. Rooms which are always closed are certainly not good for your health. Morning is a good time to open all the windows and doors so that fresh air can enter and clean the home, providing you comfortable fresh rooms.
  6. Note the cleanliness of your bathroom. Draining and cleaning the bathroom on a regular basis is one thing that should be done, so that no mosquitoes and other harmful germs interfering with your home.
  7. Grow plants. Use your backyard or other outdoor spaces around your home to grow plants. It is intended to create comfort and fresh air around your home. You can also bring plants into your home as long as you have time to maintain them properly. In addition to provide fresh air inside the house, indoor plants
  8. Clean the refrigerator regularly. Refrigerator is a place that is often in touch and in use by all the family members. So, do not let germs and bacteria lodged in this place.
  9. Clean the kitchen. Try to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen area after cooking and also keep the kitchen tools and utensils cleanliness.

Those are nine ways to keep your home clean and healthy. By doing the above tips, you also protect your family members from any disease which often comes from dirty place. Good luck.

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