How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Healthy

Cozy Green Kitchen Design IdeaSince kitchen is a crucial space in which foods are prepared, we should manage to keep it clean and healthy. Then, how to do it? Today we share several tips on how to maintain our kitchen clean and healthy.

Air circulation
There must be a ventilation in a kitchen so the air circulation can run smoothly. The cooking activity must produce lots of smoke which may cause the kitchen damp if there is no ventilation. If it happens so, the kitchen can be a home for germ and mildew. In addition, foods which are stored in a space with bad ventilation can become stale more easily.

This factor is also important to consider when designing a beautiful and healthy kitchen. It would be much better if the kitchen can be exposed to direct sunlight. This kind of lighting can be got through windows or doors. If it is not possible, make sure that you have adequate artificial lighting.

Kitchen lighting is also very important to help you looking for foodstuff you are going to cook, and more importantly to know the quality of the foodstuffs themselves, whether they are still in a good condition or expired.

hen designing a kitchen, you should consider the materials you are going to use. Make sure that you choose strong materials which are easy to clean. For instance, for the kitchen countertop you can choose stainless steel which is one of the easiest countertop materials to clean and can prevent bacteria buildup, making it a hygienic countertop. For the kitchen, you should choose the materials which are anti-slippery so that everyone can move safely, and so forth.

Tips to clean and maintain a kitchen
If you already have a beautiful and healthy kitchen, then it is your job to always maintain it. There are several things to make your kitchen always look beautiful. One of them is to regularly clean it; wipe the kitchen set with a soft cloth such as a chamois and immediately clean all the cooking utensils after using them. Well, the following are other tips to maintain your kitchen.

  • To keep your kitchen fragrant and fresh, you can use a decoction of lemon water and a few cloves. Once the water is boiling, you can smell the fresh fragrance in your kitchen.
  • To get rid of a fishy smell on the kitchen utensils, you can boil water and salt, and then give a little lemon water on it. Soak the kitchen utensils in it for several minutes, and then wash them with dishwashing soap.
  • If your fridge smells, you can use a few drops of vanilla essence that is placed on a piece of cotton cloth. If you don’t have any, you can replace it with a fresh orange or lemon essence.
  • The use of a dab of soap for washing dishes and glasses sometimes still leaves the smell of soap on your plates or glasses. To deal with it, you can use a cleaning pad instead of plastic, and then add the lemon water to it.
  • When you clean a blender, simply put it into warm water and lemon juice. After that, wash the blender as if you washed dishes. The result would be much cleaner and smells fresh and fragrant.

The reason why the kitchen should be clean and healthy is because it is the place where the meals are prepared for the whole family members. If we have a healthy kitchen, then we will consume hygienic foods.

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