How to Make a Retro Style Interior Design

Retro Style Interior DesignRetro style is very well known since the 1960-1970’s. This 70s retro style design is associated to bright and dynamic colors which describes a fun and passionate lifestyle. It is different with the retro style design in the 60s. This style is presented with attractive colors which are usually found on chairs, sofas or other furniture that uses contrast colors. In addition, metallic elements also become the main materials of the 60s retro style home designs.

In this modern era retro interior design style is also still in demand. It can be seen from the number of people who apply retro style to their interior design. The question is, whether the retro home design is still suitable for the modern interior design today, since retro can be said to be a classic style. It is definitely fine to use a retro style for your interior design. Retro style can make your home more cheerful, colorful, and even modern. You can choose modern minimalist retro design which is being popular today.

The essence of the retro interior design is located on the choice of colors. Color is the soul of the retro design.  Color Currently retro design tends to use striking colors, such as orange, blue, and red. In addition, the selection of furniture is also one important element in retro design. Furniture in a modern minimalist retro design usually use back to sixties motifs, back to seventies motifs, or geometric motifs which combine modern designs. To make your interior look more retro, the use of wallpaper with a bolder and dominant pattern could be an option.

What you need to consider next is the theme of the interior. With a certain theme people can express themselves and their existence as well. With the right and consistent theme choice along with the proper home layouts, you can have a clear and firm character of house although you have a modern home design wrapped in a retro design.

Finally, the selection and placement of room accessories, such as lamps, paintings, flower vases, and photo frames must provide a cozy impression. If you want to create a dramatic impression into your modern retro interior, you can choose vintage lamps.

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