How to Make Good Use of Small Spaces at Home

Small Interior with Modern Sectional SofaHaving a house with limited space should not limit your comfort in the home. Through limitations, a creative visualization can bring a charming little space.

Be creative in a limited space. A visual approach is needed to be able to determine and optimize the layout of the room. A small space with a well- planned layout can look more compact and functional. A well planned layout is essential to make every inch of space to be useful. Furniture selection is another important thing to consider.

Limited spaces do not only exist in a small house. A large house also can have small spaces. The simplest solution to deal with these spaces is to make them a space to relax while reading. The rest of the small space like this can be set up with the placement of a single chair or sofa.

As a floor coating, you can use a carpet which is contrast with the floor to determine the zone boundary. By adding some furniture and accessories, this area will look more beautiful. In order to make use of the small corner, you can select furniture that can be a focal point, e.g. a unique shaped chair or the one with bright red color. Now your empty little space will become a more functional and interesting space.

You can also add a single large corner sofa. By using this sofa, you actually save more space. The compact shape does not produce any remaining space compared to when we use a few chairs. Through this way, you will create a smoother movement and circulation. In selecting the color, try using a light color so that any object does not seem heavy or full. It will make the room look to be more relieved and roomy.

Another way to deal with the small space is to choose furniture that also can be an ornament in the room. A bookshelf can also be used as a place to put displays. This kind of element can be a nice little surprise.

For a small bedroom, simply use a bed without leg which is made one with the headboard. Mattress which looks floated will make the floor more visible, making the room more spacious.

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