How to Make Your Bedroom Like a Boutique Hotel

Bedroom Interior Design with PaintingWhen you come to a boutique hotel you might be amazed to the good services which provide a comfortable, intimate, and welcoming setting. Moreover, you will be fascinated with the stunning interior design of the hotel. Have you ever dream of having such a boutique hotel bedroom? Well, today we share tips on how to outfit your ordinary bedroom look like a boutique hotel bedroom design.

1. Statement Art
Boutique hotel is always well known for the art. Thus, simply place artistic objects as the focal point in your bedroom. For example, you can hang a large painting on the wall, above the headboard.

2. Haute Headboard
Select a stunning headboard design. Typically, a bed with this type of headboard cost a lot of money. To work around this, you can make your own by searching for a tutorial on the internet. Another advantage of creating the headboard by yourself is that you can customize the fabric and color of your favorite!

3. Pillows
There is indeed no fixed rule of how many pillows you can put in bed. Be creative about this, including the type and motif of pillow you want.

4. Sconces
Sconces on the side of your bed can add uniqueness to your bedroom.

5. Quality Sheet
You do not need to buy sheet or pillow case material with that high quality which makes you spend a lot of money, such as silk or Egyptian cotton. You can simply select the ordinary cotton with a soft texture and is comfortable to use.

6. Beautiful Rugs
Do not forget to add a rug to obtain a luxurious impression in your bedroom. Provide a rug which is way larger that the bed’s size to create an impression that the rug frames the bed.

7. Console 
There is a reason why boutique hotels considers this furniture as a necessity. Use chairs and tables in different concepts in your bedroom. This look will add more function and style to your room.

So, who says that making your bedroom look like a boutique hotel bedroom is impossible? With your creativity, you can always create stunning bedroom decor. Good luck!

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