How to Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable in Your House

Cozy Living Room with Floral Sofa nd Fresh FlowersThe living room is arguably one of the most important rooms in a house. Remember, the first impressions every visitor gets is strongly influenced by the cleanliness, beauty, and comfort of the living room. People will think you are a neat person if the living room is properly organized and uncluttered. Instead, people will think you are lazy when the living room looks cluttered and full of dust.

Basically, making the living room look and feel comfortable is an easy matter. Here will be explained how to make your guests feel at home and feel comfortable like being pampered by the homeowner.

Some people like to entertain guests with snacks and drinks. However, some people consider preparing food is an activity which is quite troublesome. For that, it is better you always prepare all the guests may need and make sure everything is fulfilled. To make it easier, you only need to prepare two or three jars of snacks on the table and soft drinks such as cola in the fridge that are ready to be served when guests arrive. All of them do not need to be fancy or expensive, the most important is the availability.

Secondly, to make the living room more interesting, in addition to the matter of snacks and drinks,  ensure that the living room feels fresh and beautiful. No need to make such an interior decor that will require a lot of cost. Prepare only fresh flowers every day. In addition to making the home feel more beautiful and fresh, fresh flower fragrances will eliminate musty odors normally found in the living room.

Lastly, choose the right color of the room. Make sure the color of your room is not too flashy or too cold. Avoid white and choose cheerful colors like green, yellow, or blue. These colors will make the room seem much more lively and comfortable. Or you can use colors like beige and light brown to provide a warm impression. Mix and match the colors of the room with color of the furniture.

Finally, consider the lighting. Make sure you provide adequate lighting in the living room, not too dim and not too bright.

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