How to Make Your House Cooler without Air Conditioning

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The earth is getting hotter, and it can be so troublesome. To deal with this, many homeowners prefer spending their money to install air conditioning. Is it effective? Well, not always.

Actually there are some cheaper ways to make your home feel way cooler in this hot weather. Instead of installing an air conditioner, you can make use of the curtains in your house. In addition to providing a beautiful interior decoration, those curtains can also reduce heat naturally. It can save your money indeed.

The impact can be very significant. According to the Department of Energy (DOE) of United States, making use of something simple, such as a set of colorful curtains for windows, can reduce the heat from the sun up to 33 percent. Thus, when dry season comes you will not need to rely on an air conditioner. You can try a lot of window treatment ideas instead.

Window shades
DOE states that with the right maintenance, windows are the simplest and most effective way to save energy. Made from glass and installed right on the wall, shades can create a strong barrier which minimize the sun’s heat.

Shades are quite flexible, making them suitable for every window. With double fabric layers, e.g. bright color on one side and darker color on another side, the presence of shades will add more function, which is aesthetics.

You can change the position of the fabric layers based on the season. Bright color will  reflect heat during the summer, while dark color will absorb heat during cold/rainy season.

Bamboo blinds
You can also apply this kind of window treatment in your house. Both interior and exterior bamboo blinds can help you reduce the heat while maintaining the sunlight you desire, function as ventilation, and also maintain your privacy. When closed, white blinds are able to reduce heat up to 45 percent.

Unlike interior curtains, blinds are able to block heat before it is sent through the window and warm the room.

Blinds are difficult to be installed on an existing windows. It should be prepared as a new construction. You can design it integrated to the facade, which is as a beautiful architectural element in your house.
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Depending on the weight and color, curtains also help protecting your house from the sun. As what has been mentioned earlier, curtains can reduce the heat in the house up to 33 percent if they are kept closed.

Awnings not only add your personality as a homeowner, but it offers a very good defense against the sun, especially for those of you who live in a hot weather area constantly. Exterior awnings can reduce solar heat  up to 65 percent for the windows facing south and 77 percent for the window facing west.

Some features of awnings will help you a lot. Opaque awnings block the sun better than thin fabric, while the light-colored awnings reflect more sunlight. Because awnings become trap hot air next to the window, the DOE recommends openings for ventilation.

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Roof overhangs
Roof overhang is similar to the awning. If designed properly, the right overhang will not only block the sun’s heat in dry season as it is today, but also will allow heat to help warm your interior in the rainy season. The ideal location to install the overhang is on the side facing south.

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Window films
This glass coating will reflect the sun’s heat and reduce the heat in the house. It is also able to reduce glare, maintain your privacy, and save your money for a variety of purposes of window coatings. 

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