How to Make Your House Look More Spacious With Interior Design Illusions

Small White Home Interior with MirrorSome people have problems with their small house. The house that is supposed to be minimalist and simple turns to be stuffy and claustrophobic. This might due to too much furniture put inside the house.

A small house can actually be made look more spacious, though it is only for the interior. To do this, you should apply the interior illusion by doing manipulations in some parts, including in the selection of wall colors, lighting, and decoration.

Wall paint color selection
Wall paint color can create a certain impression in your house. Some colors can even make it look more spacious. In applying the interior design illusion, you can choose the color white. White has a formal impression and is very easy to blend with other colors. This color will also make your interior house look larger.

You can involve optical illusion by adding some patterns or pictures in your house. This can be done by installing a big poster or wallpaper so that it covers one side of the walls. A picture of beautiful scenery is recommended. This is quite effective to deal with the limited space in your house.

Lighting plays an important role in interior design illusion. In this case, every thing about lighting will have a certain influence. For instance, to create a spacious impression, choose bright light with white color. The lighting angle can be adjusted to make the room look much larger. Make sure that your house gets adequate lighting.

Your home interior decoration also has a big influence in creating a spacious impression. In this case, you should consider the furniture selection and arrangement. Choose furniture that is not too big. It should be slim and simple. Place the pieces for furniture on the right places and adjust the distance among them carefully. Provide enough space among the furniture pieces so that your room would not look too stuffy.

To use the optical illusion, you can place mirrors in some points. Mirrors can help spreading lights. They are also able to create optical illusion and make a room look more spacious.

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