How to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Larger

Small Kitchen Design IdeaDesigning a small spaced kitchen is somewhat tricky. We have to put the kitchen furniture and other cooking stuffs in that small place without neglecting the air circulation, traffic, and accessibility. Today we share several things to consider when you want to make your small kitchen design look a bit wider.

A big window would be useful to make the kitchen look wider due to the natural lighting during the day. In addition, the sunlight can help you keep the kitchen dry so that there will be no more mildewed area.

Paint colors
One of the main rules of interior design is that light and pale colors can make a room look larger while dark colors can make it look cramped and small. So, you can completely change the look of your kitchen by painting the walls with light, pale, and calming colors. As a result, you do not need to invest a lot of money to remodel the whole kitchen design. The kitchen appliances should also be light colored to give the illusion of space. You will find your kitchen gives a pleasant and soothing look then. 

Corner kitchen sink
Using a corner kitchen sink or simply placing the sink at the corner of the kitchen will make your small kitchen look more spacious can be sufficient for its circulation. It allows more space for other activities and traffics.

Selection of furniture and appliances
You must be careful to choose kitchen furniture and appliances especially for a small sized kitchen design. It is suggested that you avoid placing big sized objects because they can take up a lot of space in your small kitchen. In addition, the circulation space in it can also be disrupted.

Those are some information on how to deals with a small kitchen design. Thanks to the technology today so that for the sophisticated kitchen equipment which is easy to operate and has an attractive appearance.  The equipment eventually becomes one of the important elements forming the space, because its existence can affect the final look of the kitchen design.

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