How to Optimize the Chi inside Your House

Cute Colorful Living Room Decoration IdeaIn addition to the entrance, the door is also the entry gate of energy (chi) to the house. In the science of Feng Shui, the location of the door is always calculated specifically because the door of the wrong position will bring negative energy that would be bad for the occupants.

So, what is actually the chi or qi? Chi is the energy itself. Chi can be described as the air we breathe. It is also the Earth’s magnetic field, the radiation of the universe, the sun, and also our souls.

Simply put, chi is the basic essence of all things, both physical and metaphysical. Chi is the vital force which is the heart of all growth in the universe, the earth, and humanity. Eastern cultures believe that this energy regulates health and prosperity. Feng Shui methods are practiced by utilizing the positive aspects of chi to improve our well-being.

Actually common people can recognize chi or energy that exists in our environment. For example, if there are dead trees due to pests, then it has a bad chi. Conversely, if the soil is fertile, there must be a good chi.

The definition of chi in the broad sense is making something balanced on the surface of the earth, so is the planet that does not collide, because there is chi on the earth’s surface. Although the earth is spinning, the human will not fall because they are guarded by chi. This energy is carried by the wind and deposited by water. Then Feng Shui comes from the word “feng” meaning wind and ” shui ” meaning water.

Activate the chi with four objects
The working principle of chi in a room should be assisted by the surrounding objects. Chi is essentially silent, but it can become active when we are able to manage it. Do not forget, chi energy is synonymous with silent dead. Therefore, in order to get a positive benefit, chi should be empowered.

To that end, there are four ways you can do; using sounding objects, moving objects, noising objects, and living objects.

To get the chi moving objects, you can can use a pendulum or a pool with a waterfall. To get the living objects, you can use luminous objects such as lamps. Meanwhile, noising object can be obtained from a moving object, such as the fall of the water that makes noises.

Eight mansions methods
To improve the chi in the house, there are several methods. One of the recognizable building is the method of eight building or eight mansions. Inside the method there are four good directions and four bad directions.

Broadly speaking, the following are the four good directions:

  1.      prosperity
  2.      health
  3.      happiness
  4.      peace of mind

While the four bad directions include:

  1.      bad luck
  2.      quarrel
  3.      robbery or severe pain
  4.      death

To find out which room is good or bad, you must use a table of Pa Kua, i.e. by calculating a person’s birth year. Find the information on how to calculate Kua number for those who were born before 2000 in Feng Shui Life: An East Facing House is Not Always Good, and for those who were born after 2000 in our article How to Determine Best Feng Shui Directions for Kids’ Bedrooms.

The chi road also must be set in such a way so it does not directly pass out through the back door. Chi should be gathered in the hall after the entrance, then spin and then turned toward the living room, distributing to various other spaces such as bedrooms.

Chi is similar to the wind that blows. It is like the wind which blows into the building, then turns into a wall, hits the wall and turns again. If the energy that goes into the house is too tight, then it must be inhibited so that the flow is slower. Do it by using partitions, lattice barrier or curtain.

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