How to Place Sofa in Your Home

Mimalist Living Room with L Shaped Sofa PlacementHaving a soft and comfortable seat in the house is probably the dream of every homeowner. Inevitably, sofa provides a comfortable seat for gathering and relaxing with family members.
In contrast to most of the seats made ​​from rattan or wood, sofa commonly uses softer materials such as fabric. There are also various motifs available in markets so that you can choose the ones which is suitable with your interior design.

Here we provide some tips on sofa placement in your home to add comfort.

A gathering space
The existence of a sofa at home is more appropriate for the room which is used as a gathering place. The living room is the right room. It has a function as a room to receive guests. In addition, the living room is also used by the occupants of the house to just sit around.

The family room is also the room right room in which you  can place a sofa. It is a space where the whole family gather when relaxing.

Both the rooms become the most appropriate space for the placement of the sofa. But if you want to put it in the bedroom, then it does not matter as long as it’s just one sofa.

An important note is that when putting the sofa, make sure that the size of the room is quite large, because, after all the sofa must not be small and it needs a lot of space. If the room is narrow, it is less appropriate to put the sofa there.

Family on Sofa with Organized Home

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Against the wall and close to the window
Put the sofa against the wall of your home. If it is not possible, then just makes sure that you set it in a way so that it will not interfere with your trip and family members when passing through the room.

Close to each other
You should also pay attention to the distance among the piece of sofa with one another. In this case, then you must lay them out close together; less than thirty centimeters for an L or U shaped sofa layout. As for the sofa placed opposite each other, the distance should be adjusted to the existing table between the couches. The distance of the seat with the table should not be too far; about thirty to forty centimeters.

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