How to Place Stairs at Home According to Feng Shui

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According to Feng Shui, stairs have a huge influence in the Feng Shui arrangement of a home interior. It is because stairs are used to access one floor and another. Stairs flow the Chi either downstairs or upstairs, which is then spread all over the rooms. Thus, the placement of stairs in home interior is very necessary for the sake of family unity and good luck.

Unlike water which moves only from higher places to the lower ones, the Chi can flow easily from a higher level to the lower ones, and vice versa. Stairs in a home are also considered as the second mouth or Chi Kou after the main entrance. The stairs should be placed in the right location then.

There are some Feng Shui guides you need to understand so that you will have good stairs in your house.

Some homeowners often have stairs which are located straight towards the main door with a relatively close distance, or less than five meters.This position is one of the causes of why a family finds it difficult to get wealth since the Chi energy carried by the stairs downstairs will immediately go out through the main door.

The solution to such a case is to change the position of the stairs so that it is in a position of 90 degrees from the door. Such position will prevent the loss of Chi, which is the positive energy, from the house.

Another case that needs to be noted is the position of the stairs that go straight to the door of a bathroom. This kind of position will make the Chi dragged out. The same case also occurs when the position of the stairs go straight to the bedroom door since the Chi energy will move quickly. When the Chi energy enters the bedroom, it becomes unstable and make the occupant in this bedroom ill or has an unstable temperament, making his/her relationships with other people less harmonious.

The solution to the problems above are:

  1. Changing the position of the bathroom door or bedroom door so that it is not in the same line with the stairs.
  2. Installing an automatic door cover or blind/curtain on the door.
  3. Placing plants inside the bathroom to bring in the Chi energy.

Other things you should consider about the Feng Shui of stairs are:

  1. Do not place stairs above the main door because this position will press the Chi when it is entering the house.
  2. U and L shaped stairs are preferable because the curves will let Chi gather first before it goes upstairs. Thus, the energy flow pattern is way softer and more sentimental.

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