How to Plan a High Quality Bathroom Design

Simple Bathroom with Glass WallPlan the whole process of designing your bathroom carefully. This is important because it is associated with the convenience and all the elements that play an important role in accommodating activity in space. Before you break down the walls, install tiles or buy something, you need to plan a bathroom on a piece of paper using a scale graph. This will solve the problems that could potentially arise when you buy a bath tub that is too large for the space available or to avoid a risk that you cannot open the bathroom door when everything has been installed. Then how to plan your bathroom? Here is the explanation.

  • Begin by measuring all the bathroom walls. Move all the dimensions on a piece of graphic paper, work with scale.
  • If you have finished drawing the sketch showing the shape and size of the bathroom, ┬ámark the bathroom that cannot be moved such as the windows and door. Remember to add a space to open the door. It is also important to consider whether the door can be rearranged so that it can be opened in the opposite direction and give a little extra space.
  • Mark the plumbing and electrical path, including the layout of water pipes, drainage, ventilation duct, wiring and light switch. Mark sloping ceiling if necessary.
  • Determine the ideal layout for your equipment. Plants usually include the dimensions of their products in the brochure so you can plan all the equipment appropriately, with proper sizes. Make sure you provide enough space to move freely. Try some configuration before finalizing your plans.
  • Mark the additional equipment, such as towel rails, storage, towels, shelves and other permanent objects. Make sure you leave enough room around the dresser and makeup so that the doors and drawers can be opened completely. Make sure there is adequate space near the sink and the tub for soap, toothbrush, shampoo, liquid soap and other toiletries.
  • Think of your movement around the room. Ask yourself if everything is laid out for your convenience. Is the room easy and convenient to use? Is it safe? Would it be suitable for all family members? And remember, although the spacious bathroom is a luxury, you still have to plan it very thoroughly as if it were a much smaller bathroom much.

Those are the tips to create your dream bathroom which is comfortable for you and your family members. Make the most of your bathroom function by planning everything thoroughly.

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