How to Prevent and Overcome Fire at Home

Fire at HomeEveryone wants to live in an environment that is safe and free from harm. Yet, disaster can come any time. Even many disasters happen due to carelessness and inaccuracy, e.g. fires.

Fires often occur especially in densely populated areas. As a homeowner, you’ll want to figure out how to prevent fires at home. Fire prevention can also prevent injuries and undesirable fatalities.

Tips to prevent fires
Hundreds of people die each year due to fire. Most occur because of the inhalation of the vapors from fire. This can actually be prevented. Here are some ways to prevent fires that can be applied at home:

  • Do not plug too many devices into a power source.
  • Make sure all flammable items are not too close to the heater or stove and the flame.
  • Do not smoke in bed or furniture such as mattresses or couch, and turn off the cigarette before throwing it into the ashtray.
  • Do not use electrical plugs or terminals that have been damaged.
  • Teach children about the dangers of playing with fire.
  • Buy a smoke alarm and fire extinguisher for each floor in your house

Create an emergency evacuation plan
If a fire occurs, nothing can be prevented except to make an emergency evacuation plan. This is to prevent fires at home from creating more losses.

Here are things you can try as an evacuation plan. Do not forget to practice it occasionally so that all family members know all well:

  • Create an evacuation plan and an alternative exit. The main door might be in fire so you have to find another way. Create a window in the room or any other room of sufficient size so that you and other family members can come out.
  • If a fire has occurred, immediately save yourself and your family as soon as possible.
  • Do not open doors that feel warm from the inside because of the possibility of a burning room. If you already open it, the immediately close it to minimize steam and fire spreading.

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