How to Prevent Fire in Your Home with the Right Building Construction

Home FireHome fires remain a serious threat to homeowners. Eight out of ten fire related deaths occur at home, a space supposed to maintain your comfort and security. Yet, we know that almost every accident is preventable, so is home fire hazard.

How to prevent fires at home? Here are some tips to prevent fires using the right home structure.

  • Make a distance between your exterior walls with your neighborhood, either the right side or left side with a minimum distance of 1.5 m. This is very important especially when there is a fire. You will minimize the chances of fire to spread and also have more time to save your stuff.
  • Design a house with many openings. This design can reduce the possibility of fire caused by a gas explosion.
  • Avoid using flammable building materials.
  • Do checking your electrical installations every month. Make sure all safety components function properly and there are no exposed wires.
  • For a more optimal safety, you can apply fireproof material on your furniture. Using this material does not mean completely free of the possibility of fire, but the use of fireproof coatings can prevent fire spread rapidly. These coatings have been widely used in large malls and office areas.
  • Apply a smoke detector in the kitchen area and the area that has the possibility of the emergence of a source of fire. And do not forget to check the feasibility of smoke detector once every 6 months given the fact that there are many homes with a smoke detector which doesn’t work when there is a fire, simply because the battery has been depleted.
  • Make water sources around your home, such as fish ponds or other water containers. It allows you to perform a quick action when there is fire.

Those are all the home fire safety tips you can apply. A well planned home design will reduce the possibility of home accidents, including fire.

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