How to Protect Your Family from Allergies at Home

Sweeping Wooden FloorFor those who are allergic to dust, a contact with dust or pollen from plants will cause sneezing, itching, redness, and even swelling on the skin surface. It is certainly not convenient. Protect yourself or family members who have allergies by doing the following ways:

First, make sure you put the car in the garage to avoid a pile of dust from the road or from the pollen of plants outdoors. If you do not have a covered garage, try to clean the car regularly. When parking, make sure you close the car windows perfectly.

Do not forget to provide wet wipes in the car and in the entrance area of the house. You can use baby wipes to clean hands from dust and pollen and prevent allergens stick to your face when you touch it.

Second, always provide a mat in front of the house. Then, use the doormat before entering the house. It would be better to always put your shoes off before entering the house and store them on a special area not far from the entrance.

Third, do not only prevent yourself and family members from bringing in dust and dirt from outside. Also make sure your pets do not bring in the causes of allergies in the home. Brush and clean the pet hair and feet before they enter the house. After that, clean the brush well and also the place where you clean them.

Fourth, do not forget to periodically clean up some places and equipment that accidentally accumulate dust, including gauze on the opening on top of the window, propellers, as well as the surface of the table or the top of a closet in the house. You can clean it with a vacuum cleaner or duster.

Fifth, empty the vacuum cleaner bag outdoor. Do not leave piles of dirt scattered back in the house.

Sixth, also clean the porch. If a closed house can be covered in dust, now just imagine the porch that is directly facing the street in front of your home. Make sure you clean the dust piled up in this area.

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