How to Protect Your Home From Rats

Clean Modern Kitchen IdeaRats love to live in your home, because they enjoy everything in your home, such a comfortable place in warehouse and the dirty space under the cabinets, moreover when there is a lot of food scraps that are delicious foods for them. So, in order to avoid rats, you must keep your food into the container which is completely covered and clean the house regularly.

The way to repel rats sometimes just makes ​​us all very frustrated. Use a vacuum cleaner or broom to clean the dust and food scraps that are not visible on all room floor of the house, especially in the spaces which are not seen such as under the couch, under cabinets, under the bed, and others.

Preventing the coming of rats
How can your home be free from rats while you continue to feed them? In the above paragraph we have mentioned that without realizing it you have feed the rats by letting the food scraps scattered on the floor. Most of rats in the house are nocturnal animals and are afraid to bright light (but sometimes they also look for foods during the day). House rats can also be categorized as omnivorous, because they eat anything that can satiate them. Even there are some of them which soap bars.

Free rat houses
Your effort to make your house free of rats will be in vain if they still can enter the house from the outside. Then, try to observe the exterior of the house and find a hole, or gap, which makes mice can enter. Try to cover the hole/gap with strong material, because rats are strong enough to break some types of boards, especially plywood. Also, don’t forget to check the space under the eaves. Make sure that all openings are covered with glass or strong wire mesh. Get used to cover the trash after using it. If you do all of these things, you can at least make the rats feel not comfortable staying inside your house and they will look for another place that is more convenient.

Installing a mouse trap
A mouse trap is effective to reduce the rat population. You can use a rat trap repeatedly, but give a pause for a few weeks so the rats cannot remember this strategy since rats are smart enough to be stuck in the same trap, especially if you set a trap a few days in a row. In addition to the conventional mouse trap, there are now also electrical mouse traps widely sold in the market.  The way an electric rat trap works is the same with a conventional trap. Yet, there is also an electric trap which uses the technology of high-pitched sound to repel the rats, because they are basically very unhappy with a high decibel sound.

Repelling rats with poison
This method is actually dangerous for you, and especially for kids. Yet, it is quite effective moreover when their population began to increase. Rat poison is usually sprinkled on food as the bait. The poison will work soon after it is eaten by the rats. Another shortcoming of the use of this method is that the mouse will not die immediately. They will be looking for a place to hide and then die. Thus, their carcasses would then be difficult to find, and of course the smell of dead body will be very disturbing.

Avoid keeping items that are not useful
We usually keep things that are not used anymore such as old cabinets, clothes, and curtains. In fact, the more unused things we keep, the narrower and chaotic house we have. It eventually provides opportunities for the rats to be at home. Therefore if you don’t want to throw away your unused items, give them to your relatives and family who need them.

Think twice before buying any furniture
You have to think about the capacity of the home before buying furniture. In reality, there are many people who desire to have a lot of new furniture, while the capacity of the house or room is not adequate. The current trends such as the concept of a minimalist home can be a good choice in home decorating because it avoids the use of a lot of furniture, which in this context could be a hiding place of rats.

Those are some methods on how to repel rats from a house. Hopefully this article can be a solution for those who want to make their house free of rats.

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