How to Save Money when Building a House

An Architect and a Home ConstructionSome people say that architects and home designers make us spend much more money in constructing our house. Do you agree with this? The money you spend for architects or designers is only 0.7 – 2.8 % of the whole costs in building a house. So, when people want to save money by not hiring any professionals, they actually only save 2.8%, and the rest, 98.2%, in fact has a high potential to get wrong constructions which means spending additional money for the repair.

The following are several problems or mistakes which may arise when you don’t hire architects or home designers when constructing or renovating your house:

  • Mistakes on the building position
  • Mistakes on the rooms’ layout inside the building (interior design)
  • Mistakes on the building’s size and orientation (exterior design)
  • Mistakes on the placements and shapes of windows and doors
  • Mistakes on the proportion of building’s height
  • Mistakes on the choice and measurement of the building materials
  • Mistakes on the building’s concept and type.
  • Mistakes on the building’s style (interior and exterior design)

All of the mistakes above will be detrimental for you and your house since you have to spend much more money for that. Then, how to save money when constructing a house? Pay attention to 97.2% and simply use the 0.7 – 2.8 %. Is it confusing? Well, just hire experienced architects or home designers to help you with all of the construction stuff. Those professionals will make a plan and sketch for your home which provides a clear and detail instruction for the builders and contractors.

What is meant by an experienced architect or home designer is he or she who is experienced in all work areas including the design concepts, design developments, architectural drawings, and supervision. Take a look at the resume or curriculum vitae and consider the working experience. Also, see the example of the design picture. In addition to those things, you should know what kind of design he or she has ever involved in, such as residential designs, cafe designs, luxurious villa designs, office designs, and market designs. Find what kind of design style they usually handle, is that minimalist, classic, modern tropical, ethic, Mediterranean, or what. All of those factors should be adjusted to your need so that you can find architects or home designers which meet your design needs.

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