How to Use Accent Colors in Your Interior

White Interior with Green CarpetNot only is the selection of wall paint colors that can build the interior feel of the house, but the addition of interior accent colors can do the same thing too.  Unfortunately, if we put the accent color wrongly, we won’t make the color stand out. Choose the right place and trick so that color accents can provide effects as what we desire.

Try to start by giving color to certain features in the home. For example, if your house uses a lot of white, give light green color on the window frame above the kitchen sink. Then, highlight the accent by repeating the same color on the accent above the door, or by placing the same colored furniture.

If you are brave enough in the use of color, try coloring the kitchen cabinets. Coloring the kitchen cabinet is going to attract a lot of attention. We can find the unique example from a kitchen with wood shades. The whole kitchen cabinets have the same color. There is only one kitchen cabinet above the sink that has a different color. To maintain consistency, you can also color the island table with a similar color.

The other part that can attract your attention is the sofa upholstery. Monochromatic colored upholstery will look beautiful and elegant. But, it never hurts to add colors like shocking pink to attract people’s attention in the living room. If you have not dared to change the color of the sofa upholstery with striking colors, try changing pillowcases with striking colors.

Another way of providing a good accent is to include artworks. In a space filled with black and white, yellow artwork would enliven the room immediately.

Lighting can also provide its own nuances. You can build a mood using a certain light color or a unique form of light. This unique form of light would attract your attention and provide a particular atmosphere.

Lastly, provide accents in the form of a large carpet or rug area. The rug area will further enhance the atmosphere within your interior its color is matching with some cushions on your sofa. Good luck.

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